Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Spring has Sprung

So, spring has finally decided to show it's pretty face today, here in Southern Indiana (Zone 6b). I was outside bright and early, this is the first year for me to actually be able to do this since we moved in June 2014.  I have been growing in pots and tried to create a raised garden which ended up being too shady for all the greens that I planted in it. (The garlic that over wintered there looks good and should be ready in about April) The pets played outside and enjoyed the sun too, I will show you some more of them as we go, the above picture is Silver, she is a very loving young cat.

Today I began digging a new garden spot to concentrate my herbs in, it's in an area that has quite a bit of clay but a lot of humus matter that the little red worms seemed to like because they were in every forkful I lifted and turned. They were in every size imaginable and the large worms had nice sized clitellum (egg making sacks). If you would like a fact sheet on the red worms you can find it here at the Earth Matter website. I was happy to make new little red wiggler friends because when we moved I dumped my indoor worm farm outside in my "old" garden.

Zazoo walks back and forth on the fence watching over everything and everyone, here he in in stalker mode.

Above is the columbine and to the right is the row of marigolds and the radishes. You can see the chunks of clay in the soil along with the leaf litter that I have been mowing with the lawn mower and just turning into the garden area.

I am still working out where gardens and walks will be. I spend a little time staking out my chicken yard fence so I can live within these boundaries and  see how they work before I actually get the fence up. The chickens are roaming the whole yard at the moment but this needs to end quickly because they kept coming to my newly turned garden area. I did turn some soil for them to play in away from the new garden but when I came back to gather up tools I noticed there was a fresh wallow on the marigold and radishes.

  Elsa roamed in the sunshine today too. This was her first real play outside day since her surgery when she was spayed. She wasn't interested much in me so I didn't get any pictures of her beautiful eyes while looking at me.

The man child came home from school just in time to help me plant the garlic, gee, you'd think I planned it that way. It was so nice that he was eager to help out. I have a feeling school will be getting hard to go to soon. He was excited because they are offering swimming lessons at the YMCA and he's signed up to go.

Good job planting the garlic!
Nice and evenly spaced all in a row! 

Here is the man child letting off some after school wiggles by sword (stick) fighting with bad guys (the tree). I love the nice weather when the boy can get outside and run off that steam instead of saying, "can I watch tv now?". It's easier to distract him from it when he's outside than it is when he's inside.

Here is something that might make you giggle. After we planted the man child wanted to do a little bit of a photo shoot so while he was off to get his cape I wandered out into the back yard and was delighted to find this stripe of lush green grass that was warmed by the sun.

So as I lay down and wallowed in it a bit I started thinking about it... I sat up and looked around and began to giggle, this must be where the septic tank is. You know what the old saying is, "Life is always greener over the septic tank."

Then I had the man child lay in it so I could take a picture.

Nothing quite says, "Spring" like a boy in a tree.




All in all it was a very good day and I got to spend the end of it with my hero!


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