Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bird Feeding Zone

When we moved here we put a lot of stuff in storage and my gardening things were some of them which included all of my bird feeders. Now I have some really nice ones so I acquired one more... but when it didn't seem like the birds realized it was there I knew I needed to have more feeders. I looked about and came up with some ideas that could get me through and this is the first one.                                                                                                                                                                      

 I used a large plastic pretzel container I had saved and then I found this plate in the camping box, it is also plastic.

I put three holes in the bottom equal distance apart using a high heat glue gun and a paring knife. I then put some Original Gorilla Glue on it and weighted it down with a heavy book.

The next morning I reinforced it with three self tapping metal screws. I wrapped the top with 20 gage wire to hang it up with.

 and filled it with Black Oil Sunflower Seeds.

I hung it out in an oak tree and the birds began to come.

If you build it they will come.

Tuffed Titmouse


 This is a dark eyed Junco (male)

 This is a Tuffed titmouse again

This almost looks the same but then again it looks different.

Predators: Remember to hang your feeders high when planning your Bird Feeding Zone.

The Chickens have found the Bird Feeding Zone too...

This cardinal has taken charge over this feeder, he has been chasing the chickadees away when he feels like feeding. That is why I filled the second feeder so they won't have to go too far while he is around.

I have really enjoyed watching the birds over the last few days. As I see more birds I will add them to the page as they come along. Also, this is just a spur of the moment Bird Feeding Zone. I will plan one out this winter and create it in the coming summer. Please share with me any and all your birding secrets.

Peace, Kirsten

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